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Thousands of children removed from homes

Every child needs someone on their side. To children set adrift in the foster care system, CASA volunteer advocates are more than a compass — they’re a lifeline.

Each year, Social Services Agencies throughout California receive calls alleging abuse or neglect for over 450,000 children — enough to fill every major league baseball park in California — twice over.

The investigations that follow result in the removal and out-of-home placement of tens of thousands of children; at any one time 70,000 of California’s children find themselves living in foster care — that’s enough to fill Disneyland to capacity.

CASA volunteers advocate for a brighter future

That’s where CASA comes in. California hosts a network of 41 CASA programs that recruit, train, and support volunteer advocates who work to make each child count. Our volunteers step up and speak out to ensure that their child does not fall through the cracks.

Since 1987, CalCASA has been working to better the lives of thousands of California’s children by strengthening, sustaining, and growing California’s CASA network. We provide wide-ranging assistance to local CASA programs and advocate for progressive, child-centered policies state-wide. Simply put, we make CASA work.

Each child deserves the promise of a bright and stable future. CalCASA is dedicated to keeping that promise.

CalCASA impacts local CASA programs.
Across California, local CASAs rely on CalCASA for help starting and growing their programs. In addition to the technical assistance we provide staff and volunteers, CalCASA’s work in promoting child welfare legislation creates positive change on a state-wide level.

CalCASA enables the CASA network in California to:

Whether you get involved at a state or local level, anyone can make a powerful difference in a child’s life.


Ways to Stand Up for a child today:

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