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In 2007, the California CASA network served over 8,000 children. These concerned advocates made an enormous impact on the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected children. Sadly, it’s not enough.

A future decided by strangers

There are tens of thousands of children living in foster homes without a CASA. Imagine showing up to court and not knowing a soul. Worse yet, imagine not knowing about court and letting complete strangers decide your future.

Now imagine having someone by your side who knows you, and your story very well, who cares about you and has the strength to speak out and fight on your behalf. Imagine how empowering it is to have an advocate, who’s not even getting paid, but there only to help you succeed. Having a CASA by your side can make the difference between despair and hope.

CASA volunteers provide stability and hope

Studies show that CASA advocacy creates stability. Children who have a CASA volunteer advocate receive more services, find permanent homes, and are half as likely to return to the foster care system.


The Support:

In the US, more than 500,000 children live in foster care. These children were abused or neglected and then removed from their homes.

Too many also become a victim a second time in an over- whelmed child welfare system that cannot pay close attention to each child and their needs or wants.

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