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The Foster Care System — a safety net for abused children

At any given time, approximately 80,000 of California’s children find themselves living in foster care. Removed from their homes while the courts decide future arrangements, these children may be placed with a relative, a friend, or foster guardians. This "Foster Care System" is the complex intersection of agencies, law and services meant to protect abused and neglected children.

CASA provides a safety net

When a child is first placed in foster care, her future is decided. Will she return home? What services will ensure the child’s safety? Is adoption by a family member or a foster guardian a better option?

While the courts grapple with these crucial questions, they are also beset by high case loads and insufficient funding. This is where CASA comes in. The Court Appointed Special Advocate works to ensure that the child does not fall through the cracks.

CASA volunteers advocate for the child. Working with everyone involved — the child, parents, foster parents, teachers, social workers, mental health professionals — the CASA volunteer makes informed recommendations on a vulnerable child’s behalf.

By getting to know the history and needs of the child, CASA volunteers develop special insight and influence. The Foster Care System is an abused child’s final safety net.

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The Need:

Each day in California, 70 children who have been abused and neglected join the state's population of 80,000 children in foster care.

California is home to nearly one-fifth of all foster children in the US.

As dependents of the court, these children pass through a court system which leaves them frightened, confused, and alone. Be the Difference