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Nearly 20% of all foster children in the United States live in California. Our CASA volunteers serve nearly 8,000 children, providing them a voice and resources during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Studies consistently show that children with a CASA are: From Del Norte county in the northern corner of the state, to the southern tip of San Diego county, 41 programs now serve 43 counties and Indian Tribes.

The dramatic impact a CASA volunteer has on a child’s life extends to California’s overall Child Welfare System. The National CASA Association estimates that shortening the median length of stay in foster care (currently 18 months nationally) for children with a CASA by just one month would realize a savings of approximately $1.2 billion nationwide.

CASA’s effectiveness has not gone unnoticed. In 2008 the Blue Ribbon Commission decreed that every foster child should have a CASA. Unfortunately, state funding issues have made this simply unenforceable. The CASA network depends on community volunteers to make that ideal a reality.

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Be the Difference:

Across California, thousands of CASA volunteers build close relationships with and serve as advocates for foster children.

However, there are still 72,000 foster children in California who do not have a CASA volunteer to stand up for them. You can be the key to helping children who needs help the most.